Success is Underrated!

Success, achieving what you wish to achieve. It is primarily defined as achieving your objectives where the objectives are defined by yourself. You could define your objective as anything, say cutting the grass in your lawn but will that be a real success. Many think the answer to that is a yes, really?

Okay! Let’s take a hypothetical situation wherein we have two persons and the audience (world).  Both the people are identical in every respect, say twins. They were born together, went to the same school, scored same grades, but had different dreams. The first guy(Say A) wants to be a gardener and second one(Say B) wants to be an investment banker.  Now A doesn’t have to do much work to be a gardener, but that’s what he wanted to be, and B worked hard day and night to be an investment banker. Eventually, they both succeeded. Now A stays at his family home and leaves for work at 8 in the morning and shall returns by 6 in the evening. B moved out of the house to be near his workplace, and he really doesn’t have practical working hours although he works from 9 AM to 5 PM officially. One day they were both invited to an old classmate’s wedding. They decided to go there together to have fun with old friends. When they reached there, both of them were greeted with handshakes and hugs. But as the evening passes the audience observes that A is often reaching up to different groups to indulge in conversation but not able to hold up as he feels sidelined whereas people are approaching B on their own and loud laughs can be heard in his groups.

Did anyone notice what happened there? The fact that B is an investment banker and is working at a high-end firm bring out respect in people for him and they look up to him as someone successful. Here, no one considers the fact that B is also a successful gardener and work up to his satisfaction.

You see, success is not what you think of, it’s actually the respect or recognition you get for your work. Going by the conventions anyone can be successful or in fact, everyone except very few, are successful.

Again there is no absolute scale to measure success, it’s relative and genre specific. Take from the above situation, will A be respected in the community of gardener? Yes. Let’s say he is locally successful. Will B be respected in the community of gardener? Yes. Let’s say he is globally successful. And this is because a banker requires more capability than a gardener in overall social understanding.

By now you all must have sensed the flow that success is merely a perception and nothing absolute.

Coming to the community defined success, we all tried to achieve. Getting outstanding grades in your curriculum or performing something extraordinary in front of an audience, If you accomplished any of these, then you must have noticed that your kin takes pride in boasting about you, that how hard you worked in achieving that and you have always performed this way. Speaking of people who couldn’t set up something extraordinary, their kin blames them for being that not good enough person of the family. Even your nearest kin judges you upon your performance and takes shame or pride in your performance. Moving ahead in life, the college you get into decides if you are successful or not, moving further the job you get decides your success. Then it comes to your projects and works, what defines your success.

At every point in your life, you are being judged by what you have achieved and although mostly it comes to monetary terms but it is actually the recognition you get for what you do and how you do it. Everything intangible in your life depends on everything tangible you achieve. In fact, even the love is gained through tangible means and can be pursued only after getting established. Here in all, there is nothing which can be achieved without being successful, even the respect from your loved ones. Success is the breath of your life. The moment you drop it, you will start feeling uneasy and cornered. It is not just a way of life, but it is life. When you are unsuccessful, you are dead.



  1. Love this, great post!

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