Writing something fresh when you have other drafts pending is quite odd for me as I’m not much of a multi-tasker but hearing your friends stories makes me write this piece to no one in particular.

Today one of my friends did put up an FULLSTOP on his love relationship (With a girl, surely). The reason being trivial that they can’t marry because of some caste issue. Stupidity, yet the right thing to do. No, I did not said that because I believe in caste system (which I actually despise) but it is right to move away when you are not sure. I actually don’t understand break-ups. Maybe because I never had any or because I never loved anyone to the extent that I dreamt of having her by my side till death do us apart. One moment you are in love head over heels and the next moment all that love is gone. Whooshh… Ironical, it makes me wonder if that love was even love or just the need to be with someone to kill your sense of insecurity. Considering the part that I never had any breakups is because I never promised any girl that I want to have her by my side till I die, it was obvious. I wanted to have everyone in my life by my side but the one so-called better-half is yet to be discovered. I’ve had relationships but never broke up with anyone. Time did it on its own and we need not speak anything. I still love all of them, I party with them but no odd feelings of a break-up resides between us. People complicate things by creating a sense of ownership and they disown the people when they break-up. It’s cheesy to look at and mostly appreciated by people but it is delusional. You can own a thing but not a human being.

Ironically even my girlfriend find it ‘cute’ to have a sense of ownership over people but to an extent. I agree somehow You can’t argue with the lady but why break-ups. Why kill those sweet moments of your life? Why to end a 7-course meal with table salt instead of a dessert? (creepy line)

Look out people. It’s not necessary to end things. You can maintain that continuum. If you can stop loving someone that means you never loved him/her. The world is nice, people are good and love is pure, don’t tarnish it by thinking of it as a trade (Exchange of feelings as the commodity).  Do love, get a sense of belonging but not the ownership. Although, the sex ratio is a bit skewed in many places, yet love is not hard to find.

And, Remember love is not synonymous to understanding each other. It is an important part but not an exhaustive one.


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