Oblivion is Inevitable

*This article is a function in a space-time continuum. It isn’t rational at all and doesn’t correlate with my ideology, but there is truth in it.*

Oblivion, a gift for some, a curse to others. What do you think? Well, it’s all relative, and we all desire for it at some point in our lives. Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything ceases to exist at a point. The knowledge they gain is passed on to the evolved being and time washes out even the minimal reminiscences of the developer of that knowledge. It is often said that “Time is the best healer”, as a fact it is not. It just induces a state of oblivion in our minds which we get used to until reminded through external stimulus. No living individual in this world is permanent, neither his name nor his legacy. The world’s a tasteless fruit, you will feel the taste as per your thoughts, it can be sour, bitter, salty or sweet based on your attitude but all this will fade away. You will wither just like the last autumn leave from that oriental plane tree. The World will remember your presence, your work, your legacy and then it will all be forgotten. You may work to any extent to move higher on Maslow’s hierarchy and may attain that stage of self-actualization but what good it will be when you remain of no good materialistically to this world. It runs on material things and not the precious, wonderful words and underlying emotions we all communicate with.

Materialism has been imbibed into the roots of our society, it’s not bad, but the correct usage isn’t being taught. Everybody is trained to compete, but with others as if they will achieve what they want by being in the first place or to put it realistically by believing that all others are behind them.  All these things are necessarily improving the humans in terms of knowledge and skills but degrading the quality of life.

Just ask ‘What is Quality of Life for you?’ from yourself. Try searching the actual answer to know the true you. Don’t attempt to create a legacy, improve your surroundings, it’s all that matters.



One comment

  1. Completely agree with what you said, i also prefer to live the life on my on terms..
    Cheers for the lovely advice 🙂

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