The Last Hour

Sitting in my balcony watching the rising Sun, enjoying the street view with Anoushka Shankar playing fusion music on Sitar in the background, here I’m waiting to leave for my flight, giving a valediction to the first year at IIM, Nagpur. A year has passed giving memories of the lifetime. So much time has passed. So much has happened.  Feels so less. Came here running from life but surprisingly am still running. Although I’m going to return after 2 months of internship in Mumbai, still this last hour is making me nostalgic about the time spent here in the last 10 months. Sheer stupidity it is. But emotions are natural. Want to hug everyone here as I’m not going to see them for the next 2 months. It is just a reflection of what always happens. Phases end. A critical phase is about to reach its partial ending, only a few minutes left.

The last year had been amazing, made new friends, learned new things, connected more with the realities, had arguments, debated, got lucky at times, started playing again and many more things which I couldn’t recollect as of now but has developed me into something different (don’t know if better) from what I was. The MBA till now has been amazing. I realised that marketing can be exciting even if I despised it before, and finance can be a pain in the ass even though you ‘feel’ that you like it. I’m indifferent to operations. Subjects are just pseudo choices we make based on some priori, real life doesn’t go by books. In there, everyone has to be ‘Lord Denning’ who was only concerned with justice and amended laws for to achieve that.

It’s a stimulating phase combined with an amazing feeling. Too much excitement in my mind about how the next two months are going to be in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, though I’ve nothing to do with finance in the next two months. Changes have always been hard for me except my last job. This temporary change is creating a bubble inside consisting of nostalgia and euphoria. Let’s hope for the best!


P.S.: Started writing this when was about to leave and left in between as I was getting late. It’s all that I could write then. Posting 3 months later. 😐



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