We all try to find solace by saying that everyone is beautiful, but do we care to mention the context? The beauty of the word ‘beautiful’ is that it fits in all sizes and at all places. We manipulate ourselves using this to our disadvantage. Fat people are marching out on digital roads declaring that […]

*This article is a function in a space-time continuum. It isn’t rational at all and doesn’t correlate with my ideology, but there is truth in it.* Oblivion, a gift for some, a curse to others. What do you think? Well, it’s all relative, and we all desire for it at some point in our lives. Nothing is […]

Sitting in my balcony watching the rising Sun, enjoying the street view with Anoushka Shankar playing fusion music on Sitar in the background, here I’m waiting to leave for my flight, giving a valediction to the first year at IIM, Nagpur. A year has passed giving memories of the lifetime. So much time has passed. […]

Writing something fresh when you have other drafts pending is quite odd for me as I’m not much of a multi-tasker but hearing your friends stories makes me write this piece to no one in particular. Today one of my friends did put up an FULLSTOP on his love relationship (With a girl, surely). The reason […]

Ah! Another year passed by. With so much happening around and still reluctant to focus upon the trivialities, here I’m, striking the keys again spewing out my thoughts in this unknown virtual world. A lot has happened since my last post, and I failed again, to change myself, I failed to move out of my […]

Success, achieving what you wish to achieve. It is primarily defined as achieving your objectives where the objectives are defined by yourself. You could define your objective as anything, say cutting the grass in your lawn but will that be a real success. Many think the answer to that is a yes, really? Okay! Let’s […]

<sighs> Alas! It is refreshing to visit your online memories, the things you pursued during your teenage years, the things you enjoyed, the things which made you happy then, the things that cannot be rewritten, the things that have now become a part of eternity. Although everything online can be altered, but it is good […]